The company BELOLI s.n.c.was launched back in 1954, negli anni di crescita che seguirono il dopo guerra,during the post-war years of growth by its founder, Edoardo Beloli,, who with his entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundations for the firm in his name.

Initially the “Beloli Edoardo” company dealt with the quarrying, processing and marketing of natural Bergamo whetstones, typical stones from certain limited areas of the Bergamo region that have been well known since Roman times. Over the years the company has evolved its production to include the processing of sandstone grinding wheels (natural stone) and subsequently whetstone and limestone for sharpening and double grains in corundum and silicon carbide in various shapes and sizes.

In 1985 the Beloli Edoardo company was transformed into its current name, BELOLI s.n.c.; and in the 90s it began to support the production of agricultural items and kitchenware such as soapstone for food cooking, later accompanied by pans made of soapstone in different shapes and sizes.

In subsequent years, the range of these items was expanded with several new products that met the new requirements and trends in this field. Today, we at BELOLI s.n.c.; endeavor to meet all the new market needs that are created in this field, responding to the customer with solutions that are increasingly modern, differentiated and effective.
Edoardo Beloli